‘Nobody Love’ is not your ordinary pop song



Tori Kelly describes signing “Nobody Love” as “a breath of fresh air.”

Adriana Ramirez, Staff Writer

“Everybody is looking for that new thing,” sang Tori Kelly in her new single “Nobody Love.”

This song is the new “thing” you should be looking for, if you haven’t found it already. It may sound like your regular pop song at first, but it’s much more than that.

Victoria “Tori” Kelly, an American pop singer and songwriter, started her music career by posting videos on YouTube. Kelly began uploading covers in 2007 at age 14. Since then, her videos have gotten over 88 million views altogether.

She released her first album, “Handmade Songs,” in 2012. This EP had only six songs,which Kelly wrote and recorded by herself in her bedroom. “Handmade Songs” made it to the Top 10 Pop Albums on iTunes.

With the release of her new single “Nobody Love” on February 8, 2015, Kelly changed her original style of music. She exchanged her acoustic guitar sound for what she calls a more “urban pop with a hip-hop type of Lauryn Hill twist on it.”

She always envisioned herself singing a song like “Nobody Love.”

While the song has a hip-hop feel to it, it still has powerful lyrics that people can relate to. Some lyrics are, “Everybody’s talking ‘bout the next thing / Feel like what they got ain’t good enough.”

The beat and chorus are very catchy and fun to listen to. You can tell from the music video how this song can make anyone dance, from ballerinas to hip-hop dancers. I enjoyed watching the video because of all its positive vibe and upbeat dancing.

Kelly co-wrote “Nobody Love” with Rickard Goransson and Swedish songwriter Max Martin, who has ruled the Billboard Hot 100. Martin said, “After hearing Tori sing, we felt so inspired that we had no choice but to get involved.”

With a new style and spirit, Kelly is excited to live her dream of performing and I’m excited to hear what she releases next.

5 /5 stars