Opinion: review of last formal for seniors

Carlmont’s 2013 Winter Formal took place on Jan. 31, 2013 at the Fox Theater in Redwood City, marking the second-to-last school dance for all the graduating class.

Having been to previous formals, I thought that this one fell short but still stayed above average for over-all experience.

Upon arriving at the venue, the outside looked different and hip. It was exciting to see all the kids lining up waiting to get in. Girls from all grades were dressed up with the highest heels and styled hair, standing single-file on the left. Boys each in different color vests, some with ties and some with bows, were standing single-file on the right.

Once students got into the theater, it was crowded and hard to move because a lot kids were standing around. Pushing through the crowds and walking through the doors that opened up to the dance floor, I felt like I was walking a middle school dance.

Many clusters of five, white balloons were floating towards the ceiling. The DJ’s flashing lights danced randomly around the room. There was water stations on the left and flimsy, black tables next to it.

Most people stood around, others filling the theater seats, a few wild souls ventured out onto the dance floor. There was a lot of conversing until the DJ picked up on the music and more people started to dance.

Once you started dancing, it got better. Who doesn’t love to dance? I moved up closer to the speakers to really hear the music blast. I enjoyed dancing with my date and friends. Sometimes the music didn’t flow together (from Flo-Rida, to Biggie Smalls to Swedish House Mafia), but the company made this only a minor flaw.

One of my favorite parts of the dance was all the free food laid out on the bar. Snack foods like Chips Ahoy, Cheez-its, Skittles, Starbursts, and many more favorites flowed across the long food bar. I thought it was a good idea to provide students with snacks for breaks in-between dancing.

Although the decor didn’t advance my excitement and the DJ made the night a game of sit down-dance-sit down, I thought that formal was pretty alright. There was nothing to complain too much about.

For my last formal, it was a good experience. Can’t wait for prom!