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2017-2018 Staff

Rachel Borshchenko

Staff Writer

Rachel Borshchenko is a senior in her third year of journalism. She is also an editor for the Highlander and a member of ASB. She enjoys good food and...

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Riley Collins

Segment Producer

Riley Collins is a junior who enjoys volleyball, listening to music, and hanging out with friends. She is currently in the Journalism program. @rileyycollins

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Kathryn Stratz

Staff Writer

Kathryn is a junior during the 2017 to 2018 school year and is a Scot Scoop opinion writer and Highlander editor. She loves horses, the color pink, and...

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Sarah Cheung

Segment Producer

Sarah Cheung is a junior at Carlmont High School. She enjoys English and history classes and also participates in Carlmont's instrumental music program. @sarahhcheung

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Zana Lunsford

Staff Writer

Zana Lunsford is a Junior at Carlmont High School. In her free time, she enjoys writing, surfing, spending time with friends, and spending time at the...

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Samantha Dahlberg

Segment Producer

Samantha Dahlberg is a junior who is involved in the Carlmont journalism program. She enjoys playing volleyball in her free time and going to the movies...

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Ben Balster

Scot Scoop Editor

Ben Balster is a junior at Carlmont High School who enjoys a variety of activities both separate and associated with school. He plays multiple sports and...

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Daniel Friis

Segment Producer

Daniel Friis is a junior at Carlmont High School, and he is currently in the journalism program. Daniel enjoys watching and playing sports during his free...

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Sean Vanderaa

Scot Scoop Editor

Sean Vanderaa plays baseball and enjoys the outdoors. He has a pet cat named Vincent and spends the majority of his free time on Netflix. He is a junior...

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Kylie Lin

Staff Writer

Kylie is junior at Carlmont High School. She swims for both the Carlmont swim team and an after-school club; her favorite pastimes include sketching and...

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Talia Fine

Scot Scoop Editor

Talia is the junior class president, a Carlmont triathlete, and a club founder. In her free time, Talia likes to play with her cats, draw, and be outside. @talia_fine

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Joseph Gomez

Segment Producer

Joseph Gomez is currently a junior at Carlmont High School. Besides writing, he's passionate about ancient Roman history and all things Quentin Tarantino. @jammyborkbork

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Kaylee George

Scot Scoop Editor

Kaylee is a junior and an editor for Scot Scoop News. She plays on the varsity basketball team and likes to be involved in the community. Kaylee also...

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Briana McDonald

Segment Producer

Briana J. McDonald is a junior at Carlmont High School who is on the varsity competitive cheerleading team and enjoys writing. She is also in the AVID...

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Katrina Wiebenson

Staff Writer

Katrina Wiebenson is a junior at Carlmont. She is on the Carlmont water polo and swim team. On her free time, she enjoys drawing and going to the beach...

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Nina Heller

Staff Writer

Nina Heller is a junior in Journalism II. She enjoys being outdoors, playing the guitar, and spending time with family and friends. @ninahellerr

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Cath Lei

Staff Writer

Cath Lei is currently a staff writer and social media manager for Scot Scoop News and a junior at Carlmont High School. They enjoy graphic design and photography,...

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Justin Som

Staff Writer

Justin Som is a senior at Carlmont High School who participates in community service every month to help the city. He enjoys arguing with others and is...

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Lily Bakour

Staff Writer

Lily Bakour is a senior who loves to capture moments and write about them in her articles in The Highlander and broadcast videos on ScotCenter. When she...

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Celine Yang

Scot Scoop Editor

Avid reader and writer, hip-hop dancer, environmentalist, and lover of chocolate pretzels. Scot Scoop Editor and a staff writer for The Highlander. @celinenanyang Se...

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Brooke Chang

Scot Scoop Editor-in-Chief

Brooke Chang is the Scot Scoop Editor-in-Chief and a staff writer for The Highlander. She also plays club soccer and enjoys volunteering in her free time. S...

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Nicole del Cardayre

Staff Writer

Nicole del Cardayre is a senior at Carlmont who plays lacrosse and enjoys writing.

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Jordan Hanlon

Staff Writer

Editor-in-Chief of The Highlander for Carlmont High School.

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Connor Lin

Staff Writer

Connor Lin is a senior at Carlmont High School. He enjoys writing, graphic design, and photography. @connorlin_

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Mackenzie O'Connell

Staff Writer

Mackenzie O'Connell enjoys writing in her free time. She won a Stanford Youth writing contest and was published in their book. Mackenzie also enjoys spending...

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Hanalei Pham

Scot Scoop Editor

Hanalei Pham is a Scot Scoop Editor. She also writes for The Highlander. She enjoys reading, painting, and doodling in the margins of her notebooks. She...

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Mona Murhamer

Staff Writer

Mona Murhamer is a senior in the Carlmont journalism program who seeks out dangerous situations for a good story. Her hobbies include journalism, journalism,...

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Sophie Penn

ScotCenter Editor-in-Chief

Sophie Penn is Editor-in-Chief of ScotCenter News, and a staff writer for the Highlander. She interns at the San Mateo Daily Journal, where she writes...

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