Prom for underclassmen

One topic that are on many girls’ mind this month is Carmont’s annual Winter Formal.

Freshmen and sophomores are excited to attend Winter Formal this month because they may not have attended as many formal dances as upper classmen. Additionally, besides Winter Formal, upper classmen also have the opportunity to attend Prom.

“I have not been to many formal dances before and I am excited to dance and have fun with my friends,” stated freshman Annie Klups.

Other students go to dress up and see their friends.

Sophomore Anna Shutovska stated, “It will be fun to hang out with my friends and see everyone dressed up because that doesn’t happen very often. It’s nice seeing everyone looking all fancy!”

Because upper classmen have experienced high school dances more, some have found that Winter Formal not as appealing to the juniors and seniors as it is to the lower classmen.

Some upper classmen have found the cost of Winter Formal to be a major factor of whether one decides to attend it. Once a student becomes an upper classman, he or she has the options of attending all the school dances, from Homecoming to Prom.

Prom can also often be costly. One issue that upper classmen girls might face the choosing what dress to wear and whether they want to buy a new one. According to the Prom Girl website, formal dress prices can often range from $100 to $400.

According to the USA Today website, the cost of prom tickets, dresses, boutonnieres and corsages can add up to an average of $1,078.

Winter Formal is less appealing to some upper classmen because some have already experienced a high school dance and may find the school dances throughout the year repetitive.

Other reasons why a junior or a senior may not choose to go to Winter Formal is because of schoolwork for their AP(Advanced Placement) classes or SATs.

“Junior year is stressful and overwhelming with all the tests and AP classes. This makes its hard to find the time to organize getting a date to Formal,” stated junior Raj Aurora.

Although there are various reasons why some students would choose whether not to attend this year’s Winter Formal, Winter Formal will certainly allow all grade levels to get together and enjoy the dance together.

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