Q: Is there going to be a vaccine soon?

A: On Nov. 9, Pfizer announced that their COVID-19 vaccine was over 90% effective and that the vaccine has been approved for emergency use in the U.K.  The vaccine is still awaiting FDA approval in the U.S. according to the New York Times.

On Nov. 16, Moderna announced their vaccine is 94.5% effective and is seeking emergency authorization from the FDA. 

On Nov. 23, AstaZeneca and the University of Oxford’ announced preliminary results of their Phase 3 Trials showing 90% effective but there are some uncertainties about the results. 

Johnson and Johnson expect to get results from their Adenovirus 26 vaccine by the end of the year.  

Overall, worldwide 13 vaccines are in Phase 3 of testing and seven are approved for early or limited use.

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