Quarantine Things: The importance of Teacher Appreciation Week


Woman writing on dry erase board/Christina Morillo/Pexel/ CC0/https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-writing-on-dry-erase-board-1181398/

During Teacher Appreciation Week, parents and students acknowledge teachers’ efforts throughout the school year.

What is Teacher Appreciation Week? 

Just like the name implies, Teacher Appreciation Week is a week when students and parents take some time to acknowledge the work and effort of teachers. In the U.S., it usually starts on the first Monday of May.

The tradition of Teacher Appreciation Week comes from the National Teacher Appreciation Day that was celebrated on a Tuesday every first week of May, according to the National Day Calendar. Although its origins are not entirely clear, it seems to have started in 1953 when Eleanor Roosevelt convinced the 81st Congress to proclaim a National Teacher Day, according to the National Education Association.

After 1953, the National Teacher Day morphed into what we see today as Teacher Appreciation Week.

What are the ways to honor your teachers during this time?

Traditionally, students would write thank-you cards to their teachers, and parents could donate school supplies to take part. However, as social distancing forces educators and students to adapt to new circumstances, many of the traditional ways to celebrate became unavailable.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, most students are still finding ways to appreciate their teachers. They have been making online cards to show their teachers how much they are appreciated. When it comes to online cards, don’t be afraid to write what’s on your mind. Make sure that the message in your cards reflect how you feel about your teachers; they will show the impact that the teachers’ work has on their students.

What is the importance of Teacher Appreciation Week? 

Even though most typical celebrations became inevitably altered by COVID-19, it is still important to take time to appreciate the significance of teachers. More specifically, Teacher Appreciation Week is an excellent way for students and parents to reflect on the enormous role that teachers play in their daily lives. It is also significant to honor how teachers have been dealing with all the difficulties that distance learning brought to them. Teacher Appreciation Week is a great time to remember that teachers, just like students, are also facing some challenges during this difficult time.