Red, White, & True Ep. 1: The lovers, the dreamers, and Marx

Welcome to the first episode of Red, White, & True, a politics podcast connecting passionate teenagers to a politically active online community. For the next 15 minutes, host Chesney Evert will discuss communism’s trials and tribulations, focusing on what hard work means in modern society. 

Wealth distribution is a point of significant controversy. Does sharing resources negate a natural human ambition? Or, have we been taught to glorify economic hierarchies to preserve capitalism?

Guests Areg Horoupian and Brian Yan share their ideas and experiences cultivated from life in the Bay Area, a capitalist hub that has birthed countless tech companies and houses their founders and employees. 

Thank you for stopping by! Questions, qualms, or queries? Contact us at [email protected].

Please note: this podcast was recorded on Zoom for the safety of the host and guests. Patience from listeners regarding technical difficulties is appreciated.  

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