Redwood City’s mini-golf event attracts participants of all ages with their creative decor


Shayna Yurovitsky

Redwood City’s new community event incorporates a replica of the Golden Gate in their family orientated mini-golf course.

Shayna Yurovitsky, Staff Writer

In the heart of Redwood City, a new, local family attraction has been put up. For a limited time, the city has created an indoor miniature-golf course for all ages to come and enjoy. With low prices and hours conveniently scheduled around a typical work or school day, everyone can come to enjoy this activity with their friends and family.

The mini-golf event, Putt’n Around, began on the first day of March and ends on March 31. All are welcome to come any day from Tuesday to Sunday to enjoy a San Francisco themed golf course.

The courses are set up in a pop-up tent in the center of the Courthouse Square. Upon arriving at the front doors, participants are greeted with a replication of the Golden Gate Bridge. Inside the tent there are many different themed holes set up, making up the entire golf course.

The center of the tent is decorated with plants and adds an outdoor-like feeling to the course. Another replica of the Golden Gate Bridge is placed to the side of the venue.

With entry tickets as low as $6 for kids under 12 and $9 for everyone else, it’s simple and fun to stop by to play a few rounds.

Andrew Gonzalez, a young participant on the course, said, “My mom told me to come. It’s the first time they’re doing it and it’s a good first run.”

The first week of this new community event brought in a small number of participants. However, as the month progresses, more and more attendees are expected.

“I think it’s pretty cool. I’ve never seen anything like this set up in a square like this,” said Mike Freestone, a participant. “I was looking for things to do today and found this and decided to bring my kids here. It’s fun.”

With the water-resistant tenting, this family orientated event is a safe place to have fun during the rainy days of this month.

The course even accommodates to the dark with nighttime blacklight golf. The 18 hole course ranges in difficulty to allow for everyone to be able to enjoy this activity.

All are encouraged and welcome to stop by the decorated space anytime during open hours while the event is still up for the remainder of March.

“It’s definitely worth checking out this event. I love the decor and the course was fun for the price it was,” said Caitlyn Argin, one of the participants. “It kept my kids, and honestly me too, busy and happy.”


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