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Victoria Valle Remond reports on Scotsland, Carlmont's new-end-of-year festival featuring games, student performances, and food.

Carlmont High School hosted it's first annual weightlifting competition on Saturday, May 19.

On May 9, 19-year-old cellist Jeremy Tai gave a masterclass to Carlmont’s Symphony Orchestra. Later, he performed Cello Concerto in E Minor, Op. 85 with...

Sitting down with Casey Morton, Asia Pacific Flyweight Champion, speaking on her history before the title and pursuing life's passions.

Scheduled Friday and Saturday night, Carlmont Dance and Carlmont Technical Theatre Association joined forces for the 2018 dance performance. Their production...

Joseph Gomez reminds us that we all want the same societal issues to be fixed.

Joseph Gomez examines the current state of mainstream journalism.

San Francisco 49ers DB, Adrian Colbert, gives advice to Carlmont High School football players Julian Morin and Josef Gonzalez.

Victoria Valle Remond reports on Carlmont High School's 2018 Sober Prom campaign and the impact it had on students and participants.

Joseph Gomez explains the many problems of the common gender pay gap.

Victoria Valle Remond reports on Ramtin Aidi's geometry class and their 2018 boating project.

Briana McDonald reports on the seniors defeat over the sophomores in the championship. ...

Victoria Valle Remond reports on Redwood City's March for Our Lives and the powerful students involved.

Joseph Gomez describes his problems with the concept of lowering the voting age.

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