Scots retaliate from past loss with a victory against the Dons


Mackenzie O'Connell

Seniors Jacob Segal and Brett Fitzpatrick block a powerful hits from the Dons.

Mackenzie O, Staff Writer

On April 27, the boys volleyball team came together on their home court to take home a win after having been beaten in their last meeting with the Dons.

The teams played yet another four-set match as both sides of the net fought for a win. With each point scored, the gym was filled with cheers from fans in the stands and teammates on the court.

Carlmont took the win in the first set with a score of 25-21. The game was neck and neck throughout as each side dove for balls and brought them back into play, constantly leaving the fans on their toes.

Senior Chris Ding’s serves were unstoppable, earning numerous points for the team.

Senior Jacob Segal said, “When Ding’s serves go in, we always win. If he keeps practicing those serves, we will always be able to pull through.”

Sophomore Jonah Przybyszewski and senior Ryan Geronimo  kept the ball alive with multiple dives for balls going out of play.

During the 3rd set, the boys lost their streak as the Dons regrouped to come back. The set ended with a 25-21 loss for the Scots. The Scots tried to catch up, but many of their serves went out of bounds and earned the Dons extra points. However, the boys did not let that loss get them down, and retaliated with the next set ending in a 25-17 win for the Scots.`

Junior Peyton Young said, “Tonight we did really well, and it got very intense at times. The serves were nice, and we can keep practicing them.”

Senior Malcolm McClellan also showed a sense of leadership on the court tonight. His hits were strong and he was able to motivate his teammates throughout each set.

“McClellan did well on serving. He also led the team and really helped us stay focused. If we stay focused in our games we should do really well,” said freshman Max Jung.

Emphasis on focus during the game and accurate serves should lead the boys to additional future victories.

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