7 ways to beat the heat

The sun beats down on a Belmont street. California hit record high temperatures this week as the heat wave drags on.

Sophia Schreiber

The sun beats down on a Belmont street. California hit record high temperatures this week as the heat wave drags on.

An excessive heat warning has been issued in the San Francisco Bay Shoreline as temperatures reach up to 115 degrees in the inland bay. With just under half of San Francisco households having air conditioning and the majority of California schools being outdoors, the soaring temperatures can be unbearable. Here are seven activities and hacks you and your family can do to beat the heat this week! 

1. Opt for fruit and veggies

Consuming burgers, pizza, and other foods with a high-fat content on a hot day can make you feel sluggish. Instead, try salads, smoothies, and other vegetables. These are easier to digest and have a higher water percentage, keeping you hydrated.

2. Make a DIY air conditioner

If it’s hot but not humid, place a bowl of ice in front of a fan and enjoy the breeze. The ice will slowly melt and evaporate, which will help cool you off. 

3. Make a DIY cold compress

Ice packs can be too cold and melt too quickly. Instead, try rice! It’s dense and starchy, allowing it to retain cold temperatures for a long time. Put rice into a sock or a bag, and stick it in the freezer for a couple of hours, then take it out and use it the same way you would use an icepack. 

4. Optimize your windows

Sunlight streaming into a room for just a few minutes can bring in a lot of heat. Use drapes, blinds, or a sheet to block the sun. If you want to open your windows, wait until the cooler temperatures at night, and try putting a wet towel in front of the window to catch the chilly airflow. Then, close your windows as soon as you wake up to prevent the warmer air from coming in.

Sophia Schreiber

5. Turn on the sprinklers and hose

What’s more refreshing than getting wet in the hot sun? Take your younger siblings outside and play tag in the sprinklers, or fill up some water balloons with the hose and have a water balloon fight! 

6. Go to the beach

The Bay Area is filled with stunning beaches along the coast. The sea breeze makes the beaches much more pleasant, and the water stays cold, making it a perfect place to go to beat the heat.

7. Make popsicles at home

You can make refreshing popsicles using ingredients you probably already have at home. Different fruits, milk, yogurts, and juices can make delicious, refreshing treats.

First, blend all your ingredients, adding ice to make it thicker and liquid to thin it out. Then choose a mold. You can use a premade popsicle mold, a muffin tray, or dixie cups. Add popsicle sticks. Then, freeze for four to eight hours, depending on your mixture’s thickness. And enjoy!

The scorching heat can be brutal on one’s mind, body, and mood. Make sure to take care of yourself this week, and remember that winter is just around the corner.