SheWorks Ep. 3: Crypto what?

Welcome to the second episode of SheWorks!

SheWorks discusses societal biases and sexism within the workplace. Each episode features an interview with either a female entrepreneur or a female in a male-dominated industry who talks through their experiences. Their stories are used to form further conversations around female empowerment.

Today Amber Toor will be discussing the world of cryptocurrency with Julia Chou, a software engineer at CoinBase. They discuss how a new currency can bring about more freedom for women worldwide, especially those living in developing countries. Additionally, they explore how crypto can implement a system of financial freedom that will cause positive disruption in the financial industry.

From there, they dive into the importance of young girls learning about crypto to allow for a more creative and vulnerable crypto world in which both men and women benefit. As of right now, studies show that it will take 202 years to close the gender gap in the financial industry. Cryptocurrency can drastically speed up this process, but only if female voices in finance are heard. Listen to learn more about the possibilities of crypto for women, how you can learn about crypto, and what the future holds for the mission of creating equality throughout the workplace.

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