Soccer teams expecting bright future

Sarah Adams, Staff Writer

Carlmont’s soccer teams have already been through most of their season, but the teams are focusing on finishing out the season in the best position they can.

The frosh-soph teams are working toward raising their standings and getting the most out of the final weeks while the varsity teams are working toward qualifying for the Central Coast Section (CCS) Playoffs.


The boys varsity team is currently sits with a league standing of fifth and an overall record of five wins, six losses, and four ties.

Based on win-loss record, the team has not done as well this year as they did last year. Players say that they are not far behind last year skill wise, they just didn’t get the results they wanted early on in the season.

The team’s preseason record featured several wins, which will contribute to the team qualifying for CCS playoffs. The last few weeks of the season will feature games that are expected to be challenging, but winnable, inkling on against their rival, Sequoia. If they qualify, the team’s future in CCS will be unknown as their drawing is expected to greatly impact the outcome of their games. They would have to win every remaining game at this point to raise their league standing and make sure that they have a spot in CCS.

As done in years past, the team will probably bring up one or two JV players to the team for CCS if they qualify.

The girls varsity team currently sits with a league standing of third and an overall record of nine wins, four losses, and three ties.

Sophomore and second-year varsity player Kayla Fong said, “I think we’re going to do well, we just have to give it everything we’ve got and continue to work hard.”

The rest of the regular season will carry a lot of weight in terms of standing points, and getting into CCS playoffs, featuring games against Aragon, Menlo-Atherton, Burlingame, and Carlmont’s rival, Sequoia. They do expect to qualify for CCS.

Fong said, “I think we can maintain our rank and make CCS because we work really hard at practice and we really want to win.”

The varsity girls soccer team is down a few players due to injury. Players speculate that this will warrant pulling up more girls than in previous years for CCS.

The boys frosh-soph team has an overall recored of around six wins, three losses, and three ties. The team has three remaining games against Woodside, Sequoia, and Aragon.

This year, the boys frosh-soph soccer team is mostly comprised of freshman. The the season started out a little rocky, but the team was able to improve as the season went on.

Sophomore and team captain John Bran said, “I think that we can get first if we keep working like we have been, especially against the harder teams.”

The team will be playing only home games for the rest of the season. Bran thinks that this might help the team to keep winning games and pushing hard.

Freshman and team captain Brett Fitzpatrick said, “Our games are going to be pretty even and be what we’re used to, but we’re going to have to work for it.” Fitzpatrick believes that the team has improved a lot and in many ways over the course of the season.

The girls frosh-soph team has an overall record of around five wins, one loss and four ties. They have four remaining games against Aragon, Menlo-Atherton, Burlingame, and Sequoia.

Freshman and frosh-soph player Mia Hogan said, “We do have some hard games left. Sequoia is going to be especially intense because of our rivalry, but I think we can win.” Hogan also believes that the team will be able to raise their standing somewhat with the games that they have left this season.

All of Carlmont’s soccer teams are gearing up for the rest of the season. Varsity teams are working towards qualifying and preparing for CCS playoffs which they expect to get into. The frosh-soph teams are working toward finishing strong and doing as much as they can with the time they have left this year.


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