Spirit week gives students an outlet for end of the year jitters


Emma O'Connor

Seniors decorate the quad with chalk logos of their colleges.

Emma O'Connor, Staff Writer

Summer’s approaching and with it comes a final spirit week to wrap up the school year and send off the seniors.

This spirit week’s theme is celebration and is kicked off by college and Carlmont attire followed by Surf’s Up Day, Western Day, Twin Day, and ending the week with band t-shirts to fit the theme of the Scotsland assembly.

The beginning of the week started off strong with a nod to the seniors who wore attire from the college they will attend. This was followed by some fun in the quad as they decorated it with chalk drawings of the logos of their soon to be schools.

Kayleigh Bhatt, a senior, said, “As a senior, school spirit in general is stronger because you have been going to this school with the same people for at least four years now, so you kind of feel connected to it and each other.”

Stress is more prominent than ever in teens as seen in research by the American Psychological Association. As finals are approaching even more stress is put on students who need to keep up their GPA and figure out how they can best set themselves up for getting into college.

Evynne Yee, a sophomore and part of ASB’s Spirit commission, said, “I think it’s important to have spirit weeks, as it allows student creativity and some outlet to relieve stress.”

Spirit weeks also allow students to have fun with their outfit choices. This aspect of spirit week is fun for all students because even if some didn’t dress up they can see what others chose to wear. 

“Spirit weeks have an impact on students by allowing them to go outside of what they normally wear and try something funny or different,” said Cynthia Leong, a sophomore.

As senioritis hits, so does the realization that they will no longer be a Carlmont Scot or be able to participate in activities like spirit weeks in the future. Therefore, participation in these last few spirit days is important to seniors who will be leaving Carlmont soon.

“The spirit weeks are a way that we can be part of the school one last time before we graduate,” Bhatt said.

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