The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

Scot Scoop News

The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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Sabrina Lo

Sabrina Lo, Video Managing Editor

Sabrina Lo is a senior at Carlmont High School and this is her third year in Journalism. She enjoys photography, spreading positivity through her club, Positivity 101, and is excited to continue as a video managing editor for Scot Center.

Twitter: @ssabrinaloo

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A day in the life: Finals week

Sabrina Lo, Video Managing Editor December 15, 2021

Finals week is here! Any high school student knows very well that the last few weeks of school before winter break are filled to the brim with homework, reviewing, and stress. People scramble to study...

To-do list: Celebrate the holidays!

Sabrina Lo, Video Managing Editor November 29, 2021

The holiday season is a time jam-packed with opportunities for festivity and high spirits. From decorating a Christmas tree to binging movies, every day up until the holidays' end can be filled with some...

As a result of confinement to societys rules, it is common to see many men wearing seemingly rigid or happy faces; But, behind the curtain of strength, they experience issues such as depression and anxiety.

Lifting the curtain of strength

Sabrina Lo, Video Managing Editor November 8, 2021

On the verge of tears, after living on the edge for weeks, barely grasping at straws for help, he was shoved away with the words: "be a man."  Depression and suicide are ranked as leading causes of...

Eddie Slowikowski motivates students to cross their finish lines

Sabrina Lo, Video Managing Editor September 26, 2021

As hundreds of students filed onto the football field, they were greeted with a warm welcome from Eddie Slowikowski, a former world class runner for the U.S. track and field team and current motivational...

Carlmont’s highest population ever instills concern in students

Sabrina Lo, Video Managing Editor September 8, 2021

Though students at Carlmont have been away from campus for over a year and a half, the school seems much more packed with people upon return, being at its highest student population of 2,241 individuals....

Natural Disaster Kits can be found in some classes around Carlmont.

[Photo] Opinion: Feminine products belong in the bathroom

September 8, 2021

"Natural Disaster Kits" can be found in some classes around Carlmont.

Misusing mental health-related terms can often prove harmful to those who have mental health disorders, as it minimizes ones feelings and makes them feel worse about their mental state.

Opinion: Word choice matters more than you think

Sabrina Lo, Video Managing Editor May 13, 2021

"That's so OCD of me." "I feel sad; my depression must be kicking in." "I just had a mental breakdown." "Are they psychotic?" "That's so crazy." Terms that describe or are related to mental...

Twin Dragon helps students kick their way to self-confidence

Sabrina Lo, Video Managing Editor April 8, 2021

Twin Dragon Kung Fu Academy is a studio in San Carlos that teaches the art of self-defense. Not only do their tight community and teaching style prepare their students for possible danger in real life,...

Melsa Wong spreads a passion for art from her garage

Sabrina Lo, Video Managing Editor March 10, 2021

Melsa Wong independently established and has continued to run her own art school, only rather than from an art studio, she teaches from her home's garage. By promoting a fun-loving environment and forming...

COVID-19 dampens Chinese New Year festivities but spirits remain high

Sabrina Lo, Video Managing Editor February 11, 2021

Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, marks the start of the traditional Chinese lunar calendar, filled with age-old customs, traditions, and celebrations. In times of normalcy, the event revolves...

Living with Loss: Ways grief can be less overwhelming

Sabrina Lo, Video Managing Editor January 23, 2021

Although it is undoubtedly challenging, enduring a profound loss is something that everyone goes through at some point in time. Grieving entails a roller coaster of feelings, but thankfully there’s a...

[Video] Students connect with their communities through entrepreneurship

Allison Raisner and Sabrina Lo November 29, 2020

The businesses featured in the above video are K&K Candles and A&A's Chocolate Stop. From candles to lessons, students at Carlmont have explored ways to start businesses. Some are for inspiring...

Pandemic Halloween leaves trick-or-treaters with witchful thinking

Sabrina Lo, Video Managing Editor October 28, 2020

With spooky season just around the corner, many are preparing to celebrate Halloween. COVID-19 is making it riskier to interact with others, as the holiday will not quite be the same as it was before;...

Wearing a fabric mask puts style over safety

Sabrina Lo, Video Managing Editor October 9, 2020

Although wearing a fabric mask may look better than a medical mask, it can pose a threat to your health. Oftentimes, fabric masks are made with an inadequate amount of layers or too thin of a fabric; this...

Dining outdoors leaves individuals responsible for own safety

Sabrina Lo, Video Managing Editor September 19, 2020

With the desire to do things that are now restricted due to the pandemic, many are longing to experience normalcy. Restaurants have altered their establishments to fit social distancing rules and guidelines,...

What it all means

What it all means

Ruya Yaman, Sabrina Lo, and Adri ten Cate April 23, 2020

Therapy is proven to be efficient at improving one’s mental state and providing support; thus, the stigma that is associated with therapy is unfounded — there is no reason that it should exist. 

Despite popular believe, most everyone can benefit from therapy in one way or another.

The benefits of therapy

Sabrina Lo, Video Managing Editor April 23, 2020

It really does work.  Many doubt the effectiveness of therapy, which is why fewer people look into it. However, numerous scientific studies have shown that the extra support has a positive impact on...

Coping skills

Coping skills

Adri ten Cate, Ruya Yaman, and Sabrina Lo April 23, 2020
Temporary alternatives to try if therapy isn't available or accessible.
Therapists provide support and help people organize and understand their thoughts and feelings, making them feel more complete and put-together.

The unfounded stigma behind therapy

Sabrina Lo, Adri ten Cate, and Ruya Yaman April 23, 2020

Stressed? Feeling down? There may just be a solution for that.  Many believe that psychotherapy is only for people with serious mental conditions, but a significant majority of society could positively...

Sati Kassarjian, a junior, considers numerous career paths for her future.

An easier way to choose a career path

Sabrina Lo, Video Managing Editor March 19, 2020

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"  This is a question that adults have asked youth time and time again. Coincidentally, students often do not know the answer to such an inquiry....

Secretary Terri Plack hands a student a snack, one of the many services they provide at school.

Secretaries work behind the scenes to keep Carlmont running smoothly

Sabrina Lo, Video Managing Editor December 8, 2019

As students and parents pass through the office, they are greeted by the friendly faces of the secretaries. But, they do so much more than make people feel welcome.  With a shared desire to help kids...

Club president Payton Zolck and club secretary Kaitlyn Fong collect trash at their beach clean up in Daly City.

Mission Marine Club takes on the environment

Sabrina Lo, Video Managing Editor November 5, 2019

As oceans rise and the environment deteriorates, Mission Marine Club tackles these issues head-on. This service club strives to preserve the world's oceans by educating their peers and hosting events...

Students go over the last scene of the play during daily rehearsals.

Students prepare to perform Shakespeare classic

Sabrina Lo, Video Managing Editor September 24, 2019

Though still five weeks away, the school’s upcoming fall play is already on its way to becoming an impressive show that will be enjoyed by many. For the first time in four years, Carlmont is putting...

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.
Sabrina Lo