Stock Market Crash: the change of America’s economy

The stock market is an integral part of America's economy. Yet, there are moments in time when just one day can make a world of a difference. The stock market crash on March 9, 2020, has become an important date in history. As one of the most dramatic single-day drops in history, the crash has evidently made an impact on society. Here's what you need to know:


Stock Market crash leads to uncertainty within the upcoming months

Oil Price War by Lora Simakova

COVID-19 by Lora Simakova

Every day, investors buy and sell shares, or ownership of a company, which then allows companies to extend and expand. This process of buying and selling is the root of our modern-day economic system. This defining aspect of our country is affected daily, and any small change in the market can lead to huge disruptions within the nation as a whole.