Student motivation declines while missing assignments increase


Maya Brazil

A variety of internal and external factors impact students’ education.

Many students have been struggling to complete their school work as they lack the motivation to conquer the growing list of missing assignments. 

Although the pandemic jolted all aspects of life, it was incredibly impactful on student’s education. Remote learning has brought many new things to conquer, and Daniela Colaizzi, a freshman, shared her perspective on distance learning.

“I feel that distance learning has impacted students negatively. Students have lacked the interaction between teachers and others, which I believe is a major part of learning,” Colaizzi said.

According to the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, loss of motivation is the main obstacle of distance learning. Colaizzi described how distance learning and motivational challenges have affected her schooling.

“There have been days where I feel sad that I have not been able to experience my freshman year in high school. The loss of motivation and interaction with others has caused me to be less engaged in my school work,” Colaizzi said. “It’s much harder to get the motivation to finish up assignments because of all the distractions at home.”

Aside from motivation, other factors contribute to a student’s success or struggle. Kate Carlos, a sophomore, expanded upon the conflicts of distance learning. 

“I think the online school has enforced burnout in students, which led to increased procrastination, making it harder to turn in work,” Carlos said.

According to, 49.5% of American adolescents currently meet the criteria for a mental health disorder. Mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression can interfere with a student’s education. Carlos expressed how distance learning has influenced mental health. 

“I think distance learning has taken a significant impact on mental health for both students and teachers. Taking students out of a typical school environment is tasking enough, but with the pandemic, isolation, and grief, students are suffering. I believe this grief is connected to missing assignments because their mental health is correlated to the quality of work they submit,” Carlos said.

During these trying times, many try their best to find ways to emerge as successful as possible. Noel Lim, a sophomore, offers advice for students.

“Avoid procrastinating your work. Eventually, it will turn into a habit and decrease your motivation. Instead, do your work as soon as you can so you can relax without having to worry about homework you could have gotten over with a while ago,” Lim said.

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