Students score a lunchtime competition


Cali Shohet

Sophomore Hayden Pendleton dribbles the ball down the court.

He shoots, and he scores! The crowd goes wild! His team mates gather around him, congratulating him on the close shot. The team and crowd spill out of the gym, their contagious enthusiasm following them throughout the rest of the day. 

Over the past week, each grade level has been competing in the Main Gym in an annual, lunch-time   indoor soccer tournament. The students stop by during lunch, to watch and play the games. Similar to Carlmont’s powder puff, the games are one way to bring together the student body in friendly competition.

“I was excited that I got to play goalie, and I got to play for my team,” said freshman Lucy Lopshire.

This competition was put on by Carlmont’s Associate Student Body (ASB). The ASB holds events throughout the year to bring together the student body, through friendly competitions like the indoor soccer tournament.  They have also hosted non-competitive events around the school, such as the annual blood drive, and a waste-free week. Their activities help to keep students’ spirits up as the school year progresses.

“We try to make events that are welcoming to anyone. We do sports, arts and crafts, and drive events, so that there is something for everybody,” said ASB member Riley Baum. 

On Monday, the freshmen beat the juniors. The next day, the seniors won against the sophomores. This lead to a consolation game between the sophomores and juniors on Wednesday. The juniors secured a win, putting them in third place. The seniors came out on top with a win against the freshmen on Thursday.

Although friendly competition can be exciting, ASB teacher Jim Kelly highlights the importance of the community-building aspect of the tournaments. 

“We do not put a whole lot of emphasis on winning and losing. We put focus more on participation and recreational play,” Kelly said. 

Friday wrapped up the week-long event with a match between the seniors and the staff. The event has provided students with a fun lunchtime activity, with spectators and players alike participating in this display of team work and camaraderie. 

“The tournament brings a competitive spirit and a positive way for the grades to fight each other,” Baum said.