Superbowl’s unexciting halftime show

Sonia Paulo, Staff Writer

The super bowl half time show is often more remembered than the score of game itself.

Fancy lighting, choreography and some of the biggest names in entertainment are what give the half time show the bang it needs to out-shine the previous year’s.

Bruno Mars performed at Superbowl XLVII
Bruno Mars performed at Superbowl XLVII

Famous performances such as Janet Jackson’s 2004 performance featuring Justin Timberlake, and Beyonce’s reunion with Destiny’s Child last year are what make the halftime shows so renowned.

With the super bowl halftime show having such a hyped up reputation, it is no wonder there was such high expectations when Bruno Mars and The Red Hot Chili Peppers were announced to play at the Super Bowl XLVIII.

In comparison to previous half time shows, this one was nothing special.

Bruno Mars opened with a chorus singing “Billionaire” followed by “Paradise,” “Treasure,” and “Run Away Baby.” After that he was joined by the Red Hot Chili Peppers singing “Give It Away Now,” which was probably the most exciting part of the show.

“I liked how [the Red Hot Chili Peppers] came on stage,” said junior Jenna Mourad, “They were really good at performing.”

The duet between the two acts was closed by Bruno Mars performing “Just The Way You Are.”

This song is a slow love song, which didn’t really fit the energetic theme the halftime shows traditionally uphold.

Football fan, and history teacher Jayson Waller said, “It wasn’t really exciting, but it wasn’t terrible.”

However, the idea of making the closing song a military tribute was a good way to tie into the whole “American spirit” aspect of the super bowl.

Throughout the show, the vocals and choreography was on point. It was entertaining to watch, but overall it lacked the energy needed to impress a whole foot ball stadium, and nation, of people.

“It wasn’t that good; there was too much hype about it,” said senior Joseph Hamdun.

The halftime show was satisfying. The show isn’t one that will go down in the memories of viewers, but vocal talent was definitely represented.