T-shirt designs kick up a storm of senior activities


Hanna Kryhina

ASB seniors met to brainstorm ideas for their senior class t-shirt designs. “I feel passionate about exploring the design, because I love art and fashion and it’s a good way to combine that.” said Isabella Mattioli, a senior in ASB.

As the second semester progresses, some students have another year, two, or three to enjoy the high school experience. Seniors have 14 weeks. 

It’s a tradition that Carlmont’s Associated Student Body (ASB) makes sweatshirts and t-shirts for the senior class, according to Isabella Mattioli, a senior in ASB. The sweatshirts were designed and sold last semester. Now, the ASB has started drafting senior t-shirt designs. 

On Feb. 27, the first of two or three senior t-shirt brainstorm sessions took place. Rachel.Amir Chatman, senior class president, hoped students could share all their ideas, so the would group have many choices.

“My goal was to get a bunch of designs thrown out there,” Chatman said. “But, in the first couple of minutes, we already had one that people really liked. [I wish] that we had that idea, and then we would have come up with a bunch more.”

Since the first few meetings are closed-door, students found it valuable to think of others who were unable to share their ideas at the meeting. 

“I think it’s really important that everyone has a voice,” Mattioli said. “I think that I can play a role in making sure that everyone feels represented by thinking for other people that may have different ideas than myself.”  

Varun Hedge, one of the senior vice presidents, said that seniors have been eager to participate in spirit activities because they feel sentimental to be leaving Carlmont. Felix Gandara-Guzman, the Advanced Placement (AP) chemistry teacher, said that he noticed many seniors try to hide their feelings.

“They check out because they don’t want to get too emotional saying goodbye to each other,” Gandara-Guzman said. “I have seen that in my case, there are many students that say ‘hello’ to me until about March […] They start ignoring me because they’re preparing for the moment that they move on, and they don’t want to cry.” 

To allow underclassmen to show appreciation for seniors, Chatman is planning to have senior grams in May. Similarly to the recent Valentine’s Day rose sale, underclassmen can write notes to seniors as they prepare to graduate. In April, Carlmont seniors will be able to participate in a game called Senior Assassin.

“Some schools play with floaties or goggles,” Chatman said. “You find a partner, and your goal is to get people out. You do this by shooting them with a mini water gun, but if they have the floaties or the goggles on then, they’re safe.”

With senior t-shirt planning underway, seniors can look forward to both traditional events, such as the Senior Picnic and Senior Recognition Night, and new activities. Gandara-Guzman admires students’ confidence as they conclude their high school careers.

“[Seniors] want to stand out. They like to feel like kings and queens.” Gandara-Guzman said. 

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