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‘1989’ shows Taylor Swift’s change to pop

November 6, 2014

Taylor Swift has finally graduated from her country-girl roots with her new album "1989." "1989" is the first album that Swift has fully placed under the pop genre instead of...

Change of place and time

Change of place and time

October 20, 2013

Friday’s football games were moved from El Camino High School to South San Fransisco High School. The times were also moved from 3 pm to 7 pm for varsity. The players did not ...

Changes in hot lunch, yet no change in student opinions

October 4, 2013

Changes made to the food sold at Carlmont’s lunchtime vendor brings the same varied student opinions considering taste, appearance, health, and value, just as the hot lunch ha...

Carlmont trying to make a change

April 19, 2012

Carlmont is taking steps towards making its campus more environment-friendly. Students came back from their Spring Break vacations to find Carlmont littered with flyers that...

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