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One by one, all 17 balloons were released. Untied with each passing minute, they honored the 17 lives lost.

Gun control walkout regulations are determined by school districts

March 14, 2018

Gunshots amidst heart-shaped balloons and boxes of chocolate celebrating St. Valentine’s Day plans were least expected at Stoneman Douglas High School. And yet, heard they wer...

Other options influenced by the era

Mandy Hitchcock, ScotCenter Editor-in-Chief

January 23, 2018

Often, the specific time period determines the direction a student’s future will take. Seventy years ago, joining the military would have been common. Ralph Sternick, who graduated high school in 1946 and was a member of the Army Signal Corp. 24th Division, said, “Until World War II leveled off, we still needed an army, and high school graduates wanted their G.I. Bill to go to college and get ...

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