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Team 100 - Carlmont's, Woodside's, and Sequoia's 2012-13 robotics team

How to Survive High School Day Six: Satisfy your interest through clubs

September 2, 2013

Two days before middle school graduation, the robotics team for Carlmont, Woodside, and Sequoia visited Tierra Linda and gave us eighth graders a presentation on why we should jo...

How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Promotional Poster.

‘How I Met Your Mother’: who is the mystery mother?

April 24, 2013

How I Met Your Mother is a sitcom that premiered on CBS in 2005. It has been nominated for 24 Emmy awards, winning seven. Many fans like it for its humor.The eighth season will end on May 13, 201...

Barnes & Noble hacked; hide your kids, hide your wife (and your PIN number too)

Barnes & Noble hacked; hide your kids, hide your wife (and your PIN number too)

October 31, 2012

Though possibly still intoxicated by the new book smell, customers have been urged to pull away from their new novels for a moment  and check their recent credit card transactions...

Microwave and toaster

Other ways to warm up your food

November 10, 2011

Since the Student Store has cleaned up and made drastic changes in what snacks to sell, it will also get rid of the toaster and microwave. With the toaster and and microwave...

All you greeks put your hands up!!

September 9, 2011

Since 1970, Belmont's Church of the Holy Cross has held its Greek Festival every Labor Day weekend. The Festival features a wide variety of Food, Dancing, Merchandise and its one of a kind Fun Zone. Though the Greek Festival is only Labor Day weekend, workers started cooking in July, to be able to produce all of the food being sold that weekend. All of the food, is then taken out Saturday - Monday...

Where's your I.D.?

Where’s your I.D.?

September 2, 2011

When Carlmont students returned for the new school year, the administration changed it's I.D. policy so students are no longer required to wear them at all times. Although Carlmont...

How to make your college application stand out

December 1, 2010

On Nov. 30, Kaplan's  local community relationship managers Kyle Rohrs and Melisse Skelton presented Accepted!, a college admissions workshop that covered the ins and outs of the college admissions process and how to make an application look the best. According to Rohrs and Skelton, there are four top factors in college admissions. First is grades in college preparation classes, which includes core...

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