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Takedown Policy

Decisions will be based on the existing Publication Manual and Code of Conduct

If an article/published media violates any of the above policies, the Executive Board in consultation with the Journalism Adviser will consider moving forward in the process of taking down said content. As an open forum for student expression, the adviser does not have the power to remove or change content. The Executive Board has complete jurisdiction over the content published in any of the publications housed in the Carlmont media program. 

Should such processes be unclear or the means by which the article was published be questionable, the Board will evaluate the media in question based upon the following criteria. These guidelines coincide with the National Student Press Association’s (NSPA) guidelines for responding to takedown requests

At the very least, a takedown request should generally prompt at least the following three questions:

  1. Is the information at issue accurate and does it concern a matter that was newsworthy at the time it was published?
  2. Does it violate a person’s expectation of privacy?
  3. Is this defamatory?

If the answer to the above is no, the board has no grounds to remove or takedown the article. The board may decide to make changes or negotiate a solution to help the requester feel more comfortable with the outcome.

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Takedown Policy