The finale

April 6, 2020

Of course, the game gets to the point when every goal matters, and any goal could decide the winning team.

“When the Sharks win, the vibe inside the arena is electric. It’s such a thrill. I’ve been to a lot of games, so I’ve seen a lot of losses in addition to a lot of wins, and the losses always make for a sad walk out to the car. They can’t win every game, of course, but it sure makes it a lot more exciting,” Litzenberger said.

Yet, with wins come losses, as they are inevitable.

“When we lose, I feel let down. But I think most Sharks fans are pretty good with losses because we know that they will win again, and we’re always hoping that the next game or the next season we’ll get to see them win the Stanley Cup,” Escobedo said.

Every fan has their reasons for loving the team, but most can agree that the devotion stays forever.

“When the Sharks win, it makes me feel proud. And the camaraderie between Sharks fans is just the next level. I think most Sharks fans would agree that we are ride or die when it comes to the team,” Escobedo said.

Sending a Jumbo-sized hug and Hertl-sized smile as we head into the weekend ??

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As the night comes to an end, the fans leave the stadium and prepare for the rest of their night. Still, the Sharks have a few more duties to fulfill before ultimately going down for the night.

“Once the game concludes, players are again made available to the media by request. They also have post-game training and workouts and any medical treatment that may be required. After that is completed, they are free to head home. If it is a road game, the team typically boards a bus and then heads to the airport to fly to the next opponent’s city or home, typically arriving in the early hours of the morning,” Emmert said.

When the last few people finally leave, the stadium’s lights get shut off, and doors get locked, all in preparation for the next game.

“Sharks fans are amongst the most passionate in all of the sports. They truly are the reason that attending a game at SAP Center is such a great experience,” Emmert said.

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