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April 6, 2020

To this day, their games bring excitement and thrill to people of all ages. Here’s how a game in “the tank” goes down.

Just before the doors open, lines of eager fans stand outside, electrified. The lines are differentiated amongst people due to the recently created clear bag policy. 

Opening 75 minutes before the game starts for regular seats and 90 minutes for Sharks365 members, the ticket collectors finally flood with people. 

After making it into the arena, the fans have an opportunity to walk around and grab some food.

Following the fans’ free time, the night then continues. As the stadium fills up with the last few fans, and the players prepare for their match, the eagerness in the arena intensifies.

The night starts with a 16-minute warm-up. This is the perfect time for fans to get in a high-five from a player and watch them skate down the ice for their warm-up of the night.

“I love the Sharks because I was born and raised in San Jose. It’s one of the major teams that represent our city, and I remember growing up watching the games on TV,” Escobedo said.

The warm-up sparks interest amongst all. Not only do the players prepare for their match, but they also interact with the fans, throwing pucks over the glass and giving high-fives.

Following the warm-up, the players go back to the locker-room to finish their preparation. 

Fisheye view of the Sharks Room

Take a look inside the newly renovated Sharks locker room.

Spread into three 20-minute periods with 17-minute intermissions, the game finally starts with the singing of the national anthems from all participating countries, like the U.S. and sometimes Canada.

As the puck drops, the game finally begins. Long practices, hardcore scrimmages, and sports massages have all led up to this amazing performance that will last around 2.5 hours

Every game has its unique characteristics, goals, and lineups. Still, every game is unforgettable.

Leslie Litzenberger, a devoted fan, has been to numerous games and enjoys the special experience every time.

“Going to a game is such a unique experience. From seeing everyone flood into the arena in their Sharks gear to visiting the store for some new merch, to grabbing some of our favorite food, and of course the game itself. We always have a blast,” Litzenberger said.

After about 20 and then 40 minutes of game time, short intermissions take place. These intermissions hold great significance in the game and allow fans to entertain themselves in more ways than just watching the game. 

These intermissions not only give the fans and players a break, but they’re also used for the technical side regarding the ice. During these breaks, Zambonis glide the ice and renew it with fresh water that eventually freezes over as ice. 

Following the intermissions, the game continues.

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