The stress of finals hits sooner than most students realize



Some students study during lunch in order to be fully prepared for finals.

Finals: a time when high school students crack open a textbook, study for hours on end, and get a few hours of sleep a night. 

“Finals are stressful for me because if I don’t do well, it could impact my grades negatively,” said Anabella Weisgerber, a sophomore.

The overwhelming amount of material students need to review for finals causes a ton of stress. However, high amounts of stress can lead to people underperforming, so pacing out large amounts of studying can relieve some of the weight. 

“[Students] should study for about 15 minutes a night, so that [information] stays in their brain more than if they try to cram it in the night before,” said Luz Cisneros, an Algebra I and integrated math teacher. 

Finals test a student’s ability to comprehend everything they have learned throughout the semester in each class. Being able to understand personal boundaries and working around them is a huge part of studying for these tests. 

“For the most part, [my teachers] are doing a pretty good job preparing me for finals,” Weisgerber said. “I got lucky this year.” 

Every teacher has a different way of preparing their students for the final in that class. Not only do the teachers try to prepare their students, but they also help students better understand the material. 

“It is up to the students, [teachers] can’t see what they are having trouble with if they don’t say something,” Cisneros said. “As a teacher, it is very hard to help a student unless they accept it.”

For some students, getting help means they are putting in the effort to achieve their academic goals. Also, a handful of students want to make sure they understand the materials for their finals so that they can study the correct answers, which is an important part of finals.

“Finals are stressful for me because if I don’t do well, it could impact my grades negatively””

— Anabella Weisgerber

“My biggest concern would be absolutely failing when I feel good about one of the finals,” said Dylan Murphy, a sophomore.

Some students procrastinate, and some students start studying immediately. Students can put studying for finals before anything else or can wait until the last minute to review, leading to more stress.

“I start studying [for finals] during dead week, but I am still concerned about the Spanish speaking final,” Weisgerber said.

Although getting a good grade on every final is a huge deal, students need to take care of themselves by drinking water and getting enough sleep while studying for their finals, as staying healthy is more important than grades. 

“I don’t feel like I should get straight A’s by risking my health,” Murphy said.

Managing time and stress goes a long way when studying for finals. Finals are stressful for many students, so staying calm is super helpful.

“I wish [students] good luck on finals and remember to do the best you can with the time you have,” Cisneros said. “Then forget about the finals and thoroughly enjoy your winter break.”