The timeless things are two hours long: those classic movies that will remain in our hearts forever

“There are some things in this world that will never change,” said Morpheus in The Matrix.

Like in Morpheus’s world, many things in ours survive untouched by the test of time. One of these time-traveling juggernauts is The Movie.
Some movies are timeless; they are everlasting with a message to be shared.

Freshman Alex Lay commented, “Star Wars is a timeless movie because the themes apply as much today as in 1977 when it was made. Themes include good vs evil, friendship, political infighting, the power of friendship, and diversity.”

Themes in movies help us relate to scenarios in our own lives. We may not be fighting a war in the galaxy, but Star Wars does help make connections to strength and friendship.

Lay explained, “I am inspired to fight for what is right no matter what the cost, to understand the importance of friendship, and to not judge people who are different because they are just as important as people who are similar.”

The top three Disney movies are The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin.

Movies can also help us remember a time in our life that was very important to us. For many, Disney movies help reflect on childhood.

Toy Story is timeless because no matter what generation sees it, they always can relate with Andy and his toys,” commented junior Kevin Juarez.

The Lion King is another Disney movie meant to be shared among both adults and children. With themes such as the importance of family and the number, The Lion King touches the heart of all audiences.

Junior Sarah Fecher said, “Hakuna Matata, from Lion King, is a good message. It means no worries, and I definitely apply that to my life when something goes wrong.”

Movies adapted from books sometimes come along with a huge fan base. The Harry Potter series is the biggest money making series of all time, surpassing Star Wars.

Senior Monica Chin said, “[Harry Potter] explores values and moral conflicts that are always present in society. Anyone can relate to the struggles that Harry, Ron, and Hermione face, even in this world, where there is no magic.”

IMDb lists The Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather, and Pulp Fiction as The Highest Rated, but movies do not have to be critically acclaimed to be timeless.

Senior Christina Rice said, “Mean Girls is a classic. Any teenager can laugh at that movie. Its timeless because the jokes never get old and its so quotable.”

Movies are a visual experience that will never die. Even as technology improves there will always be a good movie to watch.

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