The virtual world approaches reality


Sophie Haddad, Multimedia Editor

The digital world is becoming more and more vivid in its representation of the real world. Remember when families in the ’50s crowded around a single television set to watch soaps in black and white, exclaiming that “It feels like the actors are right here in the room with us!”

Today, technology has advanced to the point where videos are multidimensional. This essentially means that the video is recorded in all directions at once. So, while watching a “360-degree video,” one can drag his mouse or tip his phone to see other areas.

Though YouTube introduced this concept last March, Facebook just added it to its capabilities.

As with any form of media, technical errors sometimes arise, but the possibilities for this astounding new medium are endless. The viewer is even more emersed than in a traditional movie setting. He can choose what he wants to see, making the process interactive and engaging.

Still young in its conception, panoramic videos present unprecedented opportunities for those on the vanguard of videography.

Imagine being able to see the streets of Prague, India, Berlin while sitting in your living room. Imagine vicariously skydiving and being able to look all around you, without the risk of injury. It was once thrilling to watch a creep jump out from the dark in a horror movie, but now you can be the one to turn around and find something lurking.

The process requires just six special fish-eye cameras. The set of attached cameras costs around $1,700.

The illusion is only a step behind convincing in that the viewer perceives a bubble-like view of his surroundings. He can’t move forward, only look around a kind of sphere. Though, this is nothing short of extraordinary. It’s now the viewer’s choice which angle to watch, even if that means cutting out certain people from the shot.

Three-hundred-sixty degree viewing capabilities will revolutionize the way people experience entertainment.

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