Thoughts of Spring

When the memories smell sweeter,
When the smile you wear lingers,
And the grass you see is greener,
You know you are thinking of spring.

An outside breeze is slipping in,
Reminding of the time of year.
The murderous cold brushes the skin,
A chilling idea that winter appeared.

Come now, see the green!
See the roses and the bubbles bursting,
Picture a scene of all the your favorite things
And label it with the title of spring.

Imagine the sun sitting, shining
Bright among the stars.
The flowers and all the trees spinning,
Friendly hands among them waving;
This is where you are!

Without the imagine of a past,
Surely your identity will fade.
There is only one year, there was no last,
“Welcome the thought,” the memories beg.

Stay with me. Allow an idea to bring
You home, once forgotten; forget the unknown.
Let the sweet wind sow the seeds
that breed the fruitful being, lost in spring.