Varsity volleyball’s win over Panthers marks memorable season finale


Nadia Fedotova

Leah McMillen, a junior, congratulates upperclassman Gaby Pierce during Senior Night.

“This is our house” boomed from the blue and white sidelines.

It certainly was when the Varsity volleyball team dominated the Panthers in their last league game.

With their 9-4 record over Carlmont’s 8-5, Burlingame was not going to be an easy team to beat.

Carlmont walked onto the court hungry for a CCS bid and an untouchable spirit from their moving ceremony honoring the departing seniors.

“We knew that since it’s Senior Night, everyone will be bringing their A-game,” said Emmy Sharp, a Burlingame senior and future beach volleyball player at Stanford.

The back and forth sets ran close —Burlingame took a mere 26-24 point victory in the fourth set, which made it even more important for both teams to maintain the pace of the game in the fifth. The Scots started each set strong but were often thrown off by Burlingame’s momentum.

By the fifth set, the big question arose: how do you take back the game?

“Energy. As long as you keep your head up, and you’re focused on the next play, you can get yourself out of the slump pretty easily,” said Morgan McClellan, a senior.

Whether it be defense or serve receive, Carlmont made the necessary changes to take charge and closed the game at 15-12, which puts them in a good place to get chosen for CCS. Their companionship and teamwork they’ve developed throughout the season were visible from the stands. The Scot’s victory was a memorable way for the seniors to end their last league season at Carlmont. 

“I’ll miss the chemistry that we have this year,” said Valentina Baehrle, a senior. “I have never had that level of comradery and positivity on a team before.”

The senior’s spirit and leadership contributed to their overall dynamic against Burlingame and left a long-lasting effect on the whole team.

“The seniors held themselves accountable. They also held the other players accountable, just to make sure that everyone’s doing their part,” said varsity coach Mike Lapuz.

Volleyball has been a key component of the girls’ high school experience, especially for senior team captain McClellan.

“It’s been probably the biggest part of my life for like, eight years. It’s where I’ve met my best friends, it’s getting me into college, it’s my life,” McClellan said.

As the upperclassmen embark on the next chapter in their lives, they will certainly take the unforgettable memories of this season with them.


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