Weresquirrels: the new threat to America

Weresquirrels: the new threat to America

For years, the biggest threat to going outside during night has been the threat of werewolves, but recently an outbreak of flying squirrel bitings has caused a growing number of weresquirrels to appear.

Weresquirrels pose a much bigger threat to humans than werewolves because they can hide much easier and most people do not see them as a big threat. They are a big threat.

If bitten by such a creature, at every half moon its victims can be seen gliding from one tree to the next and scavenging the ground for things they hid with good intention previously, but will never find again.

One man was bitten several months ago by a flying squirrel whilst cutting down an old tree. For security purposes he shall only be known as Doug, but now at every half moon he leaves his cozy home in the country to fly around and bite other uninfected humans.

To prevent being attacked by a weresquirrel one would be advised to never go unaccompanied outside during a half moon. If one

is unsure whether or not one is looking at a normal squirrel or a weresquirrel do not approach it. In fact it would be best to avoid all types of squirrels in general, to prevent such tragedies as losing a loved one to the bite of a weresquirrel.