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What is polyamory?

May 6, 2022

Alana Wacker

Polyamory” stems from the Greek word “poly,” meaning many, and the Latin “amor,” meaning love. As the name suggests, a polyamorous relationship is where people engage in multiple relationships. These relationships can be sexual, emotional, or both. It is one of the most prevalent forms of consensual non-monogamous relationships.

Even under the umbrella term polyamory, there are still numerous subsets such as polyfidelitous relationships, where groups decide not to become involved with people outside their existing relationship networks; or even parallel polyamory, where individual relationships are largely independent of each other.

“There are so many different styles of non-monogamy,” said Gina Westfall*. “Different people do it in different ways depending on how they naturally connect.”

Even though Westfall is a proud member of the polyamorous community, she wasn’t comfortable with her name being attached to it on the internet, as there is still immense stigma even in our sex-positive society. There are very few legal protections for those in the community against discrimination from their employers.

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Alana Wacker, Staff Writer
Alana Wacker is a senior (Class of 2024) at Carlmont High School. She is currently a staff writer and is excited to continue pursuing local stories. Outside of journalism, you can find her soaring on aerial silks, playing the flute in Carlmont's Symphony Orchestra, rock climbing, working at Impact! Kickboxing Fitness, and baking. View her portfolio here.

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