Win, lose, or Thai?


The Pad Thai dish had a sweet and sour sauce mixed in with the noodles.

Tracy Chu, Staff Writer

The Bua Thong Kitchen restaurant is a tasty choice for those looking to eat either traditional Thai cuisine or simply a light meal.

Bua Thong Kitchen is located on Broadway Avenue in Burlingame, Calif. The restaurant contains a variety of menu items from egg rolls and chicken wings to yum woon sen noodles and pad si-ew curry.

My party of three ordered the Thai Iced Tea to start with, the Egg Rolls dish ($4.95) as our appetizer, and the Pad Curry ($9.95) and the Pad Thai ($9.95) for our main dishes. I ordered a small bowl of rice on the side to go with my curry, which cost $1.50 extra.

The waiter served the Thai iced tea and egg rolls right away. The Thai iced tea was much sweeter than I anticipated, with a sugary and milky flavor, making the drink perfect for those with a sweet tooth. The egg rolls had crispy golden shells and were filled with tasty ground pork and vegetables.

We were then served with the curry and pad thai dishes. The major difference between Thai curry and more commonly eaten Indian curry is that Thai-style curry has a sweeter, richer flavor. Pad thai is a common pan-fried noodle dish eaten in Thailand that can be seasoned with a variety of spices and flavors, depending on the cook and restaurant.

The Pad Curry plate tasted delicious, although the texture of the curry was not as thick and creamy as I would have preferred. It was filled with tomatoes, potatoes, chicken, and carrots, along with an assortment of green vegetables on the side.

The Pad Thai plate was made up of thin noodles mixed with a unique sauce. The sauce was sweet and sour, and had a slightly sticky texture. It was sprinkled with small pieces of ground peanuts that balanced out the almost overpowering sour flavor.

The restaurant’s tables and chairs were nicely spaced, giving each customer plenty of room to sit without feeling cramped. It was very clean and filled with simple decorations that generated a calming but welcoming atmosphere.

The dishes came in medium-sized portions, which would be perfect for sharing between two to three people. However, one person would most likely be able to easily consume one plate by him or herself.

The servers were very friendly, and the smiles on their faces created a good mood among customers. The food came relatively quickly, and satisfied our hunger.

Overall, I had a great experience at Bua Thong Kitchen because of the light but delicious food. None of the dishes were overpowering, and everything was freshly cooked. This restaurant is the perfect spot for anyone seeking an appetizing meal, whether it is with friends or alone.

Rating: 4/5

Price: $$

Food: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Location: 1320 Broadway Avenue, Burlingame

Telephone: (650) 347-4340

The Thai iced tea drink was very sweet and milky.
The Thai iced tea drink was very sweet and milky.
The Pad Curry plate was slightly sweet and filled with chicken and vegetables.
The Pad Curry plate was slightly sweet and filled with chicken and vegetables.