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The Founding Fathers drafted the Constitution with the hopes of creating a strenuous legislative process. While this system often leads to stagnation, it is the foundation of American democracy.

Americans should embrace political gridlock

May 7, 2017

Political gridlock has become as synonymous with American culture as Coca-Cola, fast food, and apple pie. While one of the most detested facets of America’s political climat...

Americans protest Trump’s immigration plans on ‘A Day Without Immigrants’

February 17, 2017

With signs of solidarity posted defiantly over their doors, dozens of Bay Area restaurants and businesses have abruptly shut down to show what it is like to live "A Day Without Immigrants." On Thursday, Feb. 16, thousands of immi...

MLS soars in American's eyes

MLS soars in American’s eyes

May 22, 2012

Major League Soccer has officially become the third most attended sport in the United States, passing the NBA and NHL. The MLS now only trails the MLB and NFL in average attendance. Average...

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