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The bell schedule remains the same as some of Carlmont
Carlmont uses distance learning bell schedule for students returning to campus
Andrew Shu, Staff Writer — April 5, 2021

Carlmont High School is returning to in-person instruction, accommodating groups at 25% capacity on Monday, April 5. Despite the students’ return to a conventional school environment, the administration...

Several colleges have adopted a test-blind application process as SATs and ACTs have proven to be a poor measurement of intelligence. “There are so many different reasons why a student would not do as well as another student on a test that doesn
Students show mixed opinions regarding test-blind college admissions
Sophia Awoyinka, Staff Writer — April 5, 2021

Hundreds of universities around the country have committed to becoming test blind or test-optional for 2021 and future admissions In other words, universities will focus less on the SAT or ACT scores...

Students participated in the National French Contest remotely in 2020. This year, however, Carlmont decided not to participate.
Carlmont takes a break from the National French Contest
Rebecca Von Tersch, Staff Writer — March 27, 2021

Carlmont will not be participating in the National French Contest (NFC) this year due to distance learning challenges.  Last year, students taking French participated in the contest virtually. It was...

Many people continue to enjoy Reach Out Hangouts online. “When you attend the hangout, you get the feelings of gratitude and the overall, wow this really changed my life in some way, shape, or form,” Sohie Pal, a junior, said.
Reach Out Hangouts continue to make a difference over Zoom
Amelia Clevenger, Staff Writer — March 25, 2021

Carlmont’s ASB Reach Out Commission has adapted in-person Reach Out Hangouts to a bimonthly online format over Zoom.  Many members have realized the importance of the hangouts and are thrilled to...

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The fight for gender equality is never-ending, so protecting and empowering women regardless of their backgrounds is core to the movement.
Opinion: Intersectionality is key to modern feminism
Isabelle Nunes, Staff Writer — April 6, 2021

The battle for women's justice is the battle for economic justice, LGBTQ+ justice, and racial justice, all intertwined. While being a feminist may mean something different to everyone, it always has...

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Houseplants have experience an increase in popularity, offering people design and health benefits within their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Business blooms for local nurseries
Chesney Evert, Staff Writer — April 8, 2021

Starting in 2020, physical distancing, quarantine, and social isolation have kept many at home. For some searching for ways to occupy their time, indoor gardening has helped people bring the outdoors into...

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California focuses on the cash bail and vaccine eligibility while Georgia implements a new voting restriction law.
ScotSkim: Georgia voter restrictions, California cash bail, vaccine eligibility
Chelsea Chang, Staff Writer — April 1, 2021

Georgia recently passed a new voting restriction law that many claim disproportionately affects minority voters. Some changes include new ID requirements for requesting mail-in ballots and the prohibition...

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.
The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.