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Founded in 2010, Scot Scoop News is a student-run journalism website by the students of Carlmont High School’s journalism class. All articles published are written by staff members or the site editor. The current Editor-in-Chief is Kaylee George. Our current editor team consists of Sarah Cheung, Talia Fine, Ben Balster, Veronica Roseborough, Alena Ruhstaller, Samantha Chu, and Anna Feng. The multimedia director is Talia Fine and the site tech manager is Ben Balster.

Vision: Scot Scoop News will be a safe, reliable, and well-known news source for Carlmont High School. The content will be chosen and approved by the students as an open forum, but the editor has the final say. Scot Scoop News will only hide information when specified. All articles will be reviewed by the site editor before published. Anonymous sources will be used in situations in which the content is private and or personal. The anonymous source will not be revealed to anybody, except the editor. Scot Scoop News will provide an open forum and contact forum for public expression, but comments will not be immediately published in the forum until it is approved by the site editor.

Mission: Our newspaper, The Highlander, is published six times a year and offers a deliberative mix of reporting, analysis, criticism, and commentary. Scot Scoop News, our website, delivers real-time reporting, giving Scot Scoop News a vital presence in the ongoing conversation about the media. Staff members and editors use a variety of tools and methods to produce, edit, and publish content. Throughout its website, Scot Scoop News has an open forum and contact forum for public expression. Scot Scoop News uses its open forums, text message system, Facebook page, and Twitter account to update and engage with the public.

Death Policy: If a Carlmont student, teacher, or staff member dies, a news brief will be published in a timely manner on Scot Scoop. News brief should be unbiased, fact-based coverage and include:

  • Who, what, when, where, why
  • Person’s full name if family allows media coverage
  • If opinion/subjective: should focus on a broader topic (focusing on broader implications of suicide, gun violence, etc)
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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.