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Students attending the Teen Job and Volunteer Fair are learning more details about possible summer internships and jobs.

Teen Job and Volunteer Fair allows students to find job opportunities

April 29, 2018

Adults have jobs and make money so they can live and provide for future children, who don't really work and get jobs. Teens, in between kid and adult, are encouraged to find j...

Math teacher Allison Davis (left) had a huge impact on her student, Miya Okumura (right), who she taught for two years. Davis was the first teacher Okumura felt comfortable talking to and going to for help because she is always passionate about her job and always there to support her students through their toughest times.

Teachers teach more than just the curriculum

June 8, 2017

As the end of my junior year draws near, there's one thing that I keep thinking about: where would I be without my teachers? When I entered high school, I expected to learn basic th...

Many jobs were available for teens at the Belmont Library's Jobs Fair.

Belmont Library’s Jobs Fair gives students new opportunities

May 5, 2017

It’s a bright spring day. The air smells of paper, laminated posters, and freshly wiped down tables. People pass through the library entrance and wait for the double doors to...

The NASA MAVEN mission was intended to study Mars' atmosphere. Mars was photographed with the Hubble Telescope.

NASA recruits for a job that is out of this world

November 9, 2015

Mars was deprived of any possible chance of having an environment with living conditions when it was hit with solar winds on Thursday, Nov. 5. The winds that hit the planet...

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