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Hundreds of runners approach the finish line of the fun run.

The Hiller Aviation Museum opens their runway for a run of a lifetime

April 19, 2019

Going on a Sunday morning run on an airport runway is not something many people have checked off their bucket list, but this weekend, the Hiller Aviation Museum opened up their doors to the Bay Area community to do just that. ...

Senior Nicole Galisatus plays clarinet in Symphony Orchestra.

Students choose a lifetime of music

February 12, 2014

Although many Carlmont students participate in the instrumental music program throughout high school, only a handful of students plan on making a career out of music. For many,...

The wish of a lifetime

The wish of a lifetime

November 13, 2011

In our society, many believe that if they make a wish at the time 11:11, it will come true. Since 11:11 is the only time in which all four digits are the same, there is a...

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