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Anti-war protesters join hundreds of others in the streets of San Francisco.  After an emergency call to action by Bay Area activists, over 300 people showed their solidarity with the Iranian people.

Iranians deal with the effects of Trump’s actions

January 15, 2020

When Farhad Farnia hears his country’s name in news headlines, it never has to do with its 24 UNESCO World Heritage sites, over 4000 years of rich history, or its diverse cu...

Opinion: Identity Politics is a Mess

October 15, 2018

Joseph Gomez analyzes the confusing uselessness of identity politics.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia introduces Camilla and Marc, a designer brand known to showcase new styles by presenting mostly white runway models.

From runway racism to multicultural backlash

September 26, 2013

British model Naomi Campbell broadcasted the start of this year’s Paris Fashion Week with bold statements asserting a need for racial equality in the modeling and fashion industry,...

Racism: more complicated than black and white

February 27, 2013

“Racism is definitely a relevant issue in today’s society. It is still here because some people have a hard time accepting others and their cultures,” said Carlmont sophomore Sohun Awsare. Though California and the Bay Area have done a great job of being tolerant of races and ethnicities, the issue of racism should not be ruled out. Acts of prejudice against a race are apparent in our society....

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