AP test stress


AP practice books used to study for the AP Biology, and AP English test

AP practice books used to study for the AP Biology, and AP English test
AP practice books used to study for the AP Biology, and AP English test

For the past week, all AP students have been under maximum stress levels, and with summer beginning to feel so close,  studying for the ever important AP tests feels almost impossible and passing the test feels like a far away dream.

Beginning on May 6, and ending May 17, the AP exams mark the end of AP courses for all Carlmont students, and the time to prove their knowledge in an exam situation.

“AP tests are actually slightly beneficial, because they serve as a final in most AP classes. After the test, the class is pretty much over. In AP chem, all we’ve done so far after the test is order pizza and make waffles during class,” stated junior Sean Luna.

Taking an AP course is a big decision, as it is a large amount of work, but at the same time could count towards college credit, and earn a student a higher GPA. For these reasons, the AP exams are a very stressful time for students.

Sophomore AP statistics student Nico Camerino said, “If you don’t pass, you feel like the whole year’s worth of work you did went to waste because you’re trying to get college credit for taking a hard class. So basically, it’s stressful because it affects your future studies.”

Students have many different techniques for studying, whether it be buying practice books, studying with friends, or just doing practice tests.

Camerino commented, “Studying for the AP test is just like studying for a final. At least for stats, we did a bunch of practice AP tests and reviewed all the topics that we covered throughout the year.”

With the time allotted being four hours, the test is long, and requires constant focus throughout the entire time, which can be a challenge for some students.

“The hardest part of AP testing is focusing on the test for the entire time. The next hardest part is forcing yourself to study for the next AP test after the first one,” said Luna.

Although the two weeks of AP exams are a difficult time for students, the outcome can impact a student’s future, and it is important to do the best possible.