Are Macs really better than Pcs?

Although some people argue whether a Mac or a PC is better in terms of speed, applications, appearance, and software, Carlmont equally uses both because of the different features both have to offer.

Principal Raul Zamora commented, “Sometimes it’s based on teacher preference and it’s also based on dollar amount. PCs are less expensive and Macs are user friendly. No department has specifically Macs or PCs.”

Apple has various laptops and desktops. Apple computers are known for being fast and user friendly. However, one downside of the iMacs and the MacBooks are the cost.

Apple’s newest version of the iMac released in November, which is thinner, faster, and wider compared to the older models of Apple desktops.
Another new feature of the iMac is the multi-touch feature, which allows users to use their fingers to scroll and zoom in rather than using a mouse.

Sophomore Sydney Salzman said, “They are device compatible and I already have an iPhone so it makes it easier for me.”

With iCloud, users can connect their iPods, iPhones, and iPads to the Mac to download new apps, music, and backup their phone data on the computer.

Rachna Gandhi, a junior at Carlmont, said, “We should use Macs at school because they have more applications such as iMovie that are useful to students. They’re also way faster.”

Apple has several applications for school work such as Keynotes and Pages. With these applications, students can create reports and presentations with themes, charts, animation, videos, and photos.

Even with Apple’s many applications and features, Salzman believes that Macs are not necessarily worth the price.

“If you have the money for it, it’s worth it to spend, but if you are struggling with funds, it’s not worth it,” noted Salzman.

Because of the price of Macs, many people look to PCs as a cheaper alternative to a Mac.

A PC is a common computer in many households and has generally the same features as a Mac and are also known for being user-friendly and affordable.

Dell, a PC company, launched a computer similar to the iMac.They have a new line of touch screen laptops and desktops called Ultrabooks. Their newly featured laptop, the Touch Ultrabook, can be used as a laptop and a tablet. According to Dell’s website, this feature allows the Touch Ultrabook to be used “for work and play.”

Sophomore Liam Young believes that PCs are worth the price one pays.

Young said, “They’re cheaper and there’s also the fact that more people in the world use PCs and it’s more compatible. I think Macs are harder to use than PCs and their battery life is terrible.”

Kristine Govani, one of the Academy business technology teachers, has a classroom full of PCs.

Govani commented, “I think PCs are used more frequently in the business world, so it’s a good foundation. More people use PCs than Macs so I think it’s a good platform for my students

Although PCs are used more frequently than Macs, Govani believes that our school should use both Macs and PCs.

“I think both platforms have value. I don’t look at them as one better than the other. They are good for different reasons. More exposure on both platforms is better for our students than limiting one over the other,” added Govani.

With the different beneficial features that both PCs and Macs have to offer, people will continue to favor one over the other.

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