Best Sandwich Shop in San Carlos


[media-credit id=48 align=”aligncenter” width=”300″][/media-credit]The sneakers bullpen deli, and extension of the highly popular sneakers restaurant (on San Carlos Ave), is located between The House of Bagels and Starbucks on Laurel Street in San Carlos.

This baseball themed sandwich shop doubles as a bit of a baseball museum as well with historic MLB décor covering the walls of the small shop.

Its large assortment of creative sandwiches make it a great spot to grab a bite with a friend, but the seating situation and genre of food do not make it a suitable place for a formal sit down meal.

The deli is open from around ten-thirty in the morning to about 4 in the afternoon from Monday to Saturday and is closed on Sunday.

Its fast and extremely friendly service complements the large assortment of specialty sandwiches available.  With most breads, meats, and cheeses you can think of, the menu is packed with creatively pre-imagined (and sometimes baseball themed) sandwiches like “The Heater” or “The Raging Bull”.

What really sets the sneakers deli apart from the rest of the privately owned sandwich shops is its secret, spicy sauce which adds the perfect amount of flavor and heat to practically any sandwich.

My usual sandwich consists of what they call the “raging bull”. Its ingredients are: Dutch crunch bread, heated pastrami and roast beef, the usual extras lettuce, pickles, etc) and their secret sauce.

Although the food is well made and the service is friendly, the small capacity of both the ordering area and seating makes it at peak times a bit crowded.

The prices can get a bit higher than generic sandwich delis like Subway, but the personal service, exquisite food, and enjoyable atmosphere make a few extra dollars completely worth it.

Overall 4.5 stars

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