Breakfast foods around the world to try


Alaina Armi Alonzo

There are so many delicious food options to try from cultures around the world.

It’s early in the morning, and you settle down and make yourself a refreshing bowl of cereal. Your typical morning usually consists of Frosted Flakes or Froot Loops, but have you ever considered what other people eat daily? Here are the most popular breakfast foods from around the world.


In Australia, you can be greeted with delicious cuisine. For breakfast, a popular Australian meal is vegemite (veh-juh-mite). It is a toasted piece of bread, typically with butter and a black spread. The spread is created from leftover brewers’ yeast extract. A slice of cheese sometimes accompanies vegemite on its side. 


A Brazilian breakfast is simple yet delectable. It usually consists of coffee or milk, a slice of bread, ham, cheese, and a fruit of choice, typically cassava or papaya. It is also perfectly normal for Brazilians to eat cake for breakfast! Pound cake with fruit is a favorite option.


As expected, a Canadian breakfast is accompanied by none other than maple syrup and pancakes! Like their American neighbors down south, Canadians also enjoy pancakes, eggs, toast, and Canadian bacon for breakfast! Cereal and oatmeal are other options for a hearty Canadian breakfast.

Costa Rica

One popular Costa Rican breakfast is gallo pinto. The literal translation is spotted rooster, given this name for its physical qualities. The breakfast consists of rice and beans; the two are typically cooked separately and then fried together. Gallo pinto can be seen sharing the breakfast plate with plantains and fried eggs.


For petit déjeuner in France, people enjoy the sweeter things. A French breakfast consists of pastries of some sort, whether croissants or baguettes. These delectable loaves are usually paired with jam or butter. It is also common to find people drinking juice or coffee.


Known for its fantastic food selection, Mexico’s breakfast options are to die for.  One popular morning dish is chilaquiles. It is typically made from corn tortilla pieces drenched in salsa or guacamole. The final product is given another layer with delicious add-ons such as scrambled eggs, sliced onions, and grilled chicken.


Japanese breakfast is everything you could ever ask for. Filling you up to just the right amount, you are presented with steamed rice, miso soup, and many other delicious side dishes! You may also see fried fish, Japanese omelets, and pickles at the breakfast table.


Korea has a large variety of delicious foods; one of their most popular breakfast options is a Korean egg roll. Also known as gyeran-mari, it is made from whisked eggs and vegetables like mushrooms, carrots, asparagus, and onions. Gyeran-mari is a simple, light, and delicious option.