Chess Club

Are you the slow and steady person who wins the race? If so, Michael Skrable’s chess club is perfect for you.

When most people hear chess, they are automatically turned away because of how uncool people feel it is.

“Chess is definitely not for nerds” explained president and freshman, Nick Hsu.

Nick, who has been a part of chess clubs at both Tierra Linda middle shool and fox elementary, decided to bring it to Carlmont as well.

Although he isn’t some elite chess shark, Nick knows a thing or two about chess.

“During a meeting, I teach new strategies and new ideas” continues Nick.

After learning new techniques, everyone brings out the boards and puts the new knowledge to work.

The chess club meets every Friday in D-10 in Mr. Skrable’s room.

Even if you are unsure of joining at first, Nick assures of how special chess is.

“I love chess because it not only teaches patience and strategy, but it is also very easy to practice at home or by yourself”

So if you are a patient person who can’t get enough of board and card games or you are bored one Friday lunch, Nick and his chess club will be waiting.