Carlmont students have mixed feelings about Yahoo’s new purchase

Carlmont students have mixed feelings about Yahoo’s new purchase

Tumblr, one of the top social media networks, was recently purchased by Yahoo for 1.1 billion dollars.

Tumblr is a site that allows users to create and make their own blog as well as follow others. The site consists of pictures and inspirational quotes.

“I will use Tumblr because the people I follow will still be there and that’s what’s important to me, not how the website is formatted or run,” said Cristina Oeschger.

Yahoo reported that they will have David Karp, the founder of Tumblr, to help maintain the site and remain as the CEO.

ABC News also reported that Karp claimed that nothing will change including the team and headquarters.

Also according to Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo, Yahoo has promised “not to screw it up”

“I can’t really imagine ways that yahoo can ruin Tumblr because it’ll probably still be the same for the most part. I also have had my Tumblr for 3 years, and if anything its affected me positively because I’ve made a bunch of friends and become more creative so I will definitely continue to use this site even if it is owned by Yahoo now,” said sophomore Jasmin Riedel.

This purchase was one of the largest social networking purchases, out doing Yahoo’s 1 billion dollar purchase of Instagram last year.

Mayer claims that they purchase social networking sites in order to get closer to younger kids and teens.

Freshman Erin Alonso said, “If Yahoo completely changes the format and how things work on it, I will probably stop using Tumblr, but I won’t stop tumbling just because Yahoo now owns it.”

As of now Tumblr has not been through any new changes and will continue to be a top social media network.Tumblr app