Croissants hauled in for French club fundraiser during finals


Each year, Carlmont’s French club has its annual croissant sale near the quad in the mornings, passing period, and after school for students that need a quick snack for dead week and finals.

“We have been doing this for years. It has become a tradition for French club to sell croissants to subsidize the cost of French immersion camp in March,” exclaimed French teacher Kathy Burton. “We thought it would be a great idea to sell food during passing period for finals week, since there isn’t any food being sold.”

French club is involved in selling croissants and hot chocolate to raise money and decrease the price for students that are interested in going to French camp, which takes place in the last week of March. Students also participate in this fundraising activity as a way to emerge the school into the French culture.

The croissants sold throughout the day are purchased from a well-known bakery, called La Boulanger in San Francisco, by Burton and sold in her class and in the quad.

“I really like it because I don’t usually eat breakfast in the morning and it’s convenient, especially during finals,” gushed Tarah Tupou.

Croissants will be available all through next week for finals.

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