Five binge-worthy Netflix shows


Alaina Armi Alonzo

Many people search endlessly for new shows to entertain themselves.

A common struggle amongst many people is deciding which TV show to commit yourself to for the duration of multiple seasons. It’s a big decision, choosing which show you’re willing to waste numerous hours on. Picking the wrong show would waste valuable time in our precious lives. I decided on a few Netflix TV shows that I think are worth the time to invest yourself in fully.


This thrilling sci-fi sitcom explores the adventures of passengers on Flight 828, a plane that mysteriously disappeared on its way to New York, back from Jamaica. When the passengers arrived home, they discovered that they possessed outrageous capabilities. Voices and visions they call callings. With these callings, they manage to save endangered people with no explanation on how. The main characters, Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) and Ben Stone (Josh Dallas), assist the other passengers with these callings and, in doing so, uncover more and more about their disappearing flight. Running on three seasons with more to come, “Manifest” keeps viewers interested with jaw-dropping discoveries and plot twists around every corner.

“Manifest” filled my viewing needs and kept me on my toes. By constantly making me go “What?!” the show did a great job keeping me locked in. When watching, I never wanted to swipe out the Netflix app; I just wanted to press the alluring “Watch next episode” button. The show includes many direction changes making it hard to understand at times. However, I find the constant discoveries kept the show inviting and addicting.  

Cobra Kai

Thirty-four years after the All Valley Karate Tournament in 1984, high school rivals Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and Daniel Larusso (Ralph Macchio) go head to head with high school drama on their shoulders. Things didn’t turn out as expected in their adult lives, and old flames are starting to be set off. Lawrence reopens Cobra Kai in hopes of redemption against his All Valley defeat. In doing so, he befriends a teenage boy, Miguel Diaz (Xolo Maridueña), who needs some self-defense skills. Lawrence becomes his sensei, and the two go through their everyday lives with a kick of martial arts.

This spinoff show of the famous 1980s “Karate Kid” trilogy was exciting and worth my time. I found it hilarious how they portrayed Lawrence and made the character behind in time. The show was intriguing because it focused on Lawrence’s perspective rather than Larusso’s, like in the original movies. It was also highly emotional and did not hesitate to make me laugh and cry in the same episode. “Cobra Kai” was exciting, heartfelt, and comical. With all these great traits, it’s no wonder it kept me interested for three seasons.

I Am Not Okay with This

Based on Charles Forsman’s graphic novel, “I Am Not Okay with This,” is about teenage Sydney Novak (Sophia Lillis) going through her life as a junior in high school. However, it’s not as simple as it seems. Novak must deal with the death of her father, questions on identity, and strange new capabilities. When her best friend and secret crush, Dina (Sofia Bryant), starts seeing crude jock Brad Lewis (Richard Ellis), it stirs the pot, making things a lot more complicated than they need to be. Novak also makes new friends along the way as she tries to navigate her way through her chaotic life.

When watching “I Am Not Okay with This,” I was engrossed in the concept of a regular teenage girl with inhumane capabilities. I loved how realistic it was in an adolescent mindset. Not everything was picture perfect, as seen through many other teenage programs. “I Am Not Okay with This” perfectly depicts the struggles of many teenagers, really captivating how we feel. I think the relatability of the main character is what makes this show so unique. It engulfs viewers. Unfortunately, the show was not renewed for a second season, but I firmly believe it is worth every minute.  

Dead to Me

The show follows newly widowed Jen Harding (Christina Applegate) and her life as a recently single mother. In need of help, she visits a support group where she meets Judy Hale (Linda Cardellinico), a quirky woman going through a similar situation. The two bond over their brokenness and become close friends. However, Hale is hiding a secret that could potentially ruin everything for Harding and her children. Watch as the two go through jaw-dropping adventures together, doing unspeakable things, and committing to the unthinkable. Harding and Hale have to steer into their new lives with many conflicts getting in their way.

Originally recommended to me by a friend, I wasn’t expecting much from this show. However, I was proven incredibly wrong. This show was different from what I was accustomed to. Usually, I choose to watch something centered around characters my age. I am delighted I didn’t go in my usual direction and chose something new. This show never failed to make my eyes widen in disbelief. I strongly suggest you watch this if you are looking for something to make you go “Wow!” 

Control Z

In El Colegio National, a high school in Mexico City, Sofia Herrera (Ana Valeria Becerril) observes her class fall apart as a hacker starts to release the student’s most profound secrets through social media. New student Javier Williams (Michael Ronda) tries his best to help Herrera uncover the mastermind behind the school’s downfall. As students turn on each other and lives fall apart, this show never fails to keep you wondering. While dealing with secrets of her own and being the school outcast, Herrera tries her best to reveal the truth. Running on two seasons, “Control Z” is a game-changing thriller that will shock viewers.

As I stumbled across “Control Z,” I had high expectations, and let’s say the show did not disappoint. It was highly eventful and kept me at the edge of my desk chair. I stayed up way later than I should’ve, but watching”Control Z” made my loss of sleep worth it. The plot twists are impeccable, and the characters bring so much life into the show. “Control Z” is nothing less than impressive.  


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