This halloween is haunted

This halloween is haunted

During the month of October, California’s Great America hosts a halloween haunt that consisted of ghoulish shrieks and spooky costumes.

Halloween is supposed to be a time of great horror and excitement, which Great America captures in its massive haunted house.

This PG-13 event takes place every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Oct. from 7pm to midnight until the much anticipated event of halloween.

At this time of year, the amusement park is filled with workers dressed in scary costumes that are encouraged to frighten people.

There are only small safe zones where a person can escape the constant threat of a disguised worker.

The haunted happening has just pasted its fourth anniversary at its opening on Oct. 1.

It is rumored there will be up to 18,000 people there on the weekend of Oct. 29.

Jasmine Rishi witnessed the horrors and commented, “It was really fun and scary but I wish more rides were open and they had shorter lines. I’m really glad I went because it was an amusing event that helped me get into the halloween spirit early!”

Whether in search of a haunted delight or just a fun evening with friends or family, Great America’s halloween haunt is the place to be.

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