Keith Hawkins sparks inspiration in Carlmont students


Hawkins’ speech consisted of humor, motivation, and inspiration.

Many students enjoyed this assembly better than the past ones including Lauren Reiley, who commented, “I thought it was very motivational and I felt that he was a better motivational speaker than the other ones we’ve had while I was here. Most of the things he was saying pertained to a lot of people’s lives while they are in high school.”

Brittany Lewis said, “I thought it was a lot better than the past ones because there was humor in it and it wasn’t super serious like the other ones were.”

There were many memorable parts of his speech, and every student has their favorite part.

Reiley noted, “When he said stop comparing yourself to other people, I realized that a lot a people do compare. I think it’s true in the fact that you do have to be abnormal sometimes and it’s okay to be different.”

Shavin Minor explained, “It was funny and I liked the fact that he said to say I’m better than good instead of just saying I’m good and that you’re not really poor, it’s the way you think that is poor.”

Dylan Zheng stated, “It was refreshingly interesting because he knew his audience better than most speakers. His humor was fitting and if his intention was to have us remember him, he did well.”

Overall, students seem to enjoy and resonate with Hawkins speech much more than speeches in the past.